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Jennie was my doula for the birth of my first baby. We took her Hypnobabies class and always felt so at ease with her in class. I could feel myself going really deep into hypnosis when she would read the scripts and knew the fit would be right. She was very supportive and encouraging throughout the entire birthing time.  She used the Hypnobabies scripts and music to focus and relax me and worked along with my husband to comfort and support me. It made the time fly by.  We were faced with decisions we did not envision having to make due to stalled pressure waves, but we never felt judged or pressured by her. Jennie also photographed our first few moments as parents, something we would not have had the chance to take while in the moment. Those pictures and video we will cherish forever.  My husband and I were extremely thankful to have her on our side.

--Jessica S.

Doula Services


All women deserve support when they're giving birth. Doulas can provide that support, helping ensure that the birthing mother is comfortable and her choices respected.

As a Hypno-Doula, I am able to provide unique support to parents using Hypnobabies. In addition to providing standard birth support, I help moms use the hypnosis tools they learned through Hypnobabies (entering and deepening hypnosis, enhancing and directing hypno-anesthesia, the "Peace," "Release," and "Relax" cues, etc.) for an easier, more comfortable birth!

My services include:

  • A free, no-obligation meeting to get to know one another
  • Phone and email support during your pregnancy for any questions you may have
  • Assistance writing birth plan/preferences
  • One prenatal visit at your home to go over birth preferences and practice Hypnobabies techniques
  • Support during your birthing time and for approximately two hours after you baby's birth
  • One follow-up meeting after baby is born

Fee: $900, with a discount available for students who take my classes.

Please contact me with any questions or to check availability.